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RG14 6RE
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Galanthus nivalis
Chilly Winter Days have persisted really since the run up to
Christmas and from then onwards. Today is cold and monotone,                                     
trees stand dark against the dull sky and the occassional bird flits
from branch to branch. Snow has not fallen here, but other places
have become magically blanketed with white and the air is frosty.
Now is when winter plants bring us delight – whether we have
the white stems of a Birch, the peeling bark of a Prunus, a
variegated Holly beneath which might sit a Hellebore with its
buds slowly unfurling. Such plants are tough and quietly mark
the passing January and February days, year in year out. Daily a
wander outside will reveal to us these changes and small wonders
                                                                            are happening before our eyes. Each day the first groups of
                                                                            Snowdrops grow a little taller, so the patches of white begin to
                                                                            show & the winter days become much more interesting …. Spring
                                                                            must be on its way. Best wishes!

Please read the following carefully …..
Under current restrictions and according to Horticultural Traders
Association guidelines this year we feel it is advisable to simply limit
Nursery Sales to a collection service for PRE-ARRANGED
APPOINTMENTS ONLY IN 2021. To enable this ensure that you have
‘phoned or emailed or written to us & received confirmation before
collecting. Inpromtu visits will not be possible & we encourage you to
follow these arrangements this will limit any contact with other customers,
even if it is all outdoors. Customers may view Our Snowdrop Collection,
but there will have time restraints & please be mindful of respecting fellow
Galanthophiles!! Wearing a Mask & using Hand Sanitiser will be a
requirement. We shall not be able to arrange collections of Snowdrops
until we are in to February.

Appointments can be arranged on
afternoons of Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from
2.00 until 4.00 pm. &
on Saturday
from 10.00 till 4.00 pm,
but closed through lunchtime
from 1.00pm until 2.00pm.
Please make sure you have booked an appointment before a
visit. That you wear your mask & that you use the sanitiser
provided. Thank you.
07770 39 65 93

At the end of March we shall close with the finish of the Snowdrop Season
and then return once more next year, thank you.